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I’m a Goal-Digger, Are You?

August 10, 2017

I’m constantly chasing – chasing (the idea of) success, chasing a dream, chasing the lifestyle I envision in my head every day. I gradually learned that the only thing I actually own is myself, and to truly “own” myself, I need to be constantly reinventing and investing in myself, physically and mentally. I started by leaving anything behind that obstructed me from getting what I wanted, reading what I think are “inspirational” books, tapping into my creative side to try and make something of the skills that I have, but seem to have neglected, and most importantly, listening to people who I knew were better and more successful than me.

Who am I anyway? Just a girl – independent to a fault who thrives off of freedom, and casually seeks to share her reflections on life itself. That’s how I know myself. However, one of the sayings I very heavily stick to is “no one is that important”, and I’ll probably be saying that phrase until the day I die because it keeps others, and myself, humble. I only hope that there comes a point where my fitness startup idea turns into more than an idea, and that my hundred of thousands of written words will eventually be read by hundreds of thousands of people, but it’s not just about the end result of success. Greatness and success are secondary of the process of learning and experience. In the end, it’s really not about whether or not you’re considered successful, after all, everyone envisions a different idea of success – having a beautiful family, a lovely home, a corporate career, early retirement, just having money, being the perfect idea of beauty, or winning a competition – it’s whether you have learned anything in pursuit of your goals. Gradually, going after your own goals, you’ll learn not only the best practices in your field, but the greatest principles as well. Sometimes it may not even be from your own field; it’s the ability for you to carry those practices and principles from any field and apply it to your own.

When I started up my blog, I started out writing about an intensely broad range of topics, but later on figured I should probably find my niche. I sought out something I was forcefully passionate about, something I’d devote myself to learning about (consciously and unconsciously) every single day, and a topic I’d want to use to inspire others through my platform, and there it was, the concept of perpetual life-learning and self-improvement. It’s frustrating to see others with shorter, clearer, simpler roads to success who are obscenely successful, but it’s also a good idea to look beyond those people who have had the opportunity to use shortcuts. According to many, it takes ten years to become an overnight success. There are (hopefully) moments that’ll make you realize that time is limited, and that you don’t want to be wasting those “ten years” on giving up or asking yourself what could’ve been.

People can choose to do great things. I chose to learn, to act, and to focus on what matters.