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I’m a Goal-Digger, Are You?

I’m constantly chasing – chasing (the idea of) success, chasing a dream, chasing the lifestyle I envision in my head every day. I gradually learned that the only thing I actually own is myself, and to truly “own” myself, I need to be constantly reinventing and investing in myself, physically and mentally. I started by […]

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The Different Ways You Grow

My exponential growth only came after years of accumulating resources – friends, experiences, and skills. Growth comes in many different sizes and can derive from the most unexpected of happenings. Have you ever thought about all the ways change has happened in your life? We grow fastest when we’re emotionally connected or impacted to an […]

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Read This If You Keep Changing Your Mind

In 2012, I wanted to be a journalist. Me being me – ambitious and sort of tunnel-visioned, began naively searching for ways to get there. To be honest, I wasn’t really confident about the job description of a journalist, but all I knew was I wanted to write for a living – non-fiction material, for […]

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